Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT)

Information is king in today's age and Information technology (IT) has an impact on every facet of human existence. As a result, an information technology degree is vital in today's technologically advanced world. IT qualified students are prepared to meet the demands of this fast-paced industry.

The IT industry certainly appears to be experiencing considerable growth in employment. This industry is expected to expand, and employment of IT professionals is expected to increase by 11% by 2028. This is a projection of 531,200 new jobs created.

BIT at Padmashree College

Every day, the world becomes increasingly technological, necessitating the demand for qualified IT experts. A Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree will put you on the path to success and open your excellent employment prospects.

BIT at Padmashree is affiliated to Nilai University, Malaysia. The program is designed to provide students an introduction to programming as well as the fundamentals of computer networking, applications, and support. The curriculum includes cutting-edge, modern courses on artificial intelligence and blockchain. In fact, Padmashree College is the first institution in Nepal to introduce blockchain technology.


      Pass Grade XII, A-Level or equivalent with a minimum of 45% in 2 subjects.

An Extra Edge in IT at Padmashree

      The Padmashree BIT program keeps up with the world's rapid technological advancement. It boasts of covering pertinent subjects like IoT, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

      In contrast to other IT programs, Padmashree promotes soft skills like public speaking, critical thinking, and professional development while also emphasizing the fundamentals of IT.

      With nine semesters spread over three years, the BIT at Padmashree follows the trimester system. As a result, even though it is a very demanding curriculum, graduates will be prepared for the workforce earlier than those of other institutions.

      Likewise, Padmashree is always prepared to help students develop their abilities with ongoing workshops and guest lectures from industry professionals.

      The Capstone, which is a research-based project, is the course's crowning achievement. Students will prepare a proposal as part of their Capstone-Final Year Project I and a final draft of the same in Capstone-Final Year Project II.

      For students to graduate, they must successfully complete the 6-credit internship course in the final semester. This indicates that the BIT graduates will have a job while they complete their degrees.

BIT Course Cycle

SemCourse Code Subject Course Title Pre-requisiteClassificationCreditContact
1EC3127Understanding Computing None Basic34
EC3120Computer Architecture and OrganizationNone Basic34
EB3125StatisticsNone Basic34
EC3105C ProgrammingNone Basic34
EC3117Software Security None Basic34
MPU3413Co-curriculumNone University Course 3 
  Total Credit Hours   18 
2EC3121Introduction to Object Oriented Programming None Basic34
EC3119Database SystemNone Basic34
EC3122Web DevelopmentNone Basic34
EC3114Software Modeling and Analysis None Basic34
DS3002General PhilosophyNone University Course 36
EC3123Operating Systems PrinciplesNone Basic34
  Total Credit Hours   18 
3EC3276Internet of Things None Intermediate 34
EC3253Software Design and ArchitectureEC3114Intermediate 34
EC3273Discerete MathematicsNone Intermediate 34
EC3236Systems Programming EC3123Intermediate 34
MPU3313Ethics and Social ResponsibilityNone University Course 36
EC3268Data Communications and NetworkingNone Intermediate 34
  Total Credit Hours  18 
4EC3275Routing and SwitchingNone Intermediate 34
EC3269Human Computer Interaction None Intermediate 34
EC3277Wireless and Mobile Technology None Intermediate 34
EC3243Object Oriented Software DevelopmentEC3121Intermediate 34
EC3247Cloud ArchitectureNone Intermediate 34
  Total Credit Hours  18 
5EC3272Artificial IntelligenceNone Intermediate 34
EC3307Object Component and TechnologyEC3243Advanced (Elective)34
DS3008EntrepreneurshipNone University Course 34
DS3006Critical ThinkingNone University Course 34
DS3007Professional Development None University Course 34
  Total Credit Hours  15 
6EC3305Network Construction and Administration EC3268Advanced 34
EC3356Blockchain TechnologyEC3268Advanced 34
EC3319Capstone INone Advanced 22
EC3306Software Project ManagementNone Advanced 34
EC3352Dynamic Web Programming None Advanced 34
DS3028Graduate Preparatory Course None University Course 34
  Total Credit Hours  17 
7EC3312Information Assurance SecurityEC3268 Advanced 34
EC3340Enterprise Resource PlanningEC3270Advanced 34
EC3320Capstone Project IIEC3319Advanced 40
EC3354IoT Smart Applications Development EC3276Advanced 34
DS3005Public SpeakingNone University Course 36
EC3355Big Data AnalyticsEC3272Advanced 34
  Total Credit Hours  19 
8GP3302Internship None Advanced 64 Months 
Total Credit Hours 126