Vision :

To emerge as the most preferred educational group with global recognition from developing competent and socially sensitive leaders committed to excellence. 

Mission :

  • To make incessant endeavor to translate our vision into a reality and achieve the following objectives.
  • To create world class facilities and ambience for advanced level of teaching and practical training.
  • To develop students as global citizens with conscience, commitment and dedication.
  • To continuously grow and become fountain head among institutes of technical education in Nepal.
  • To strengthen industry – institute interface and promote entrepreneurial development activities.
  • To have collaboration with leading universities of the world with a view to provide opportunities to students for higher studies and seek placement avenues abroad.
  • To start new courses on emerging areas. 

The main objectives of the course are

  • To impart the knowledge in food science and related subjects.
  • To familiarize the industrial products from legumes, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, chocolates and sugar confectionary, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage, milk and milk products.
  • To furnish students practical methods of food processing operations and engineering.
  • Strengthening knowledge to maintain quality assurance in an increasingly sophisticated food processing industry.
  • To train students in food research through involvement of previous project, presentation and seminars.
  • To produce future specialists who can work in different organization, industries and research institutes.
  • To provide the industrial knowledge during the internship (On the Job Training-OJT for 45 days) in different food industries.
  • To give the opportunity for doing thesis so that students are motivated to the research and Development Work.