We are excited to announce that Padmashree International College-Hospitality Club of Student Affair(PIC-HCOSA) is going to organising Open Mic Program on 7th March,2019 where you can share your relevant talent such as Poem,Free speech,Gazal,Muktak,Hikeu and Comedy session. This event is organize to celebrate Naari Diwas literature relating to matching the theme of Naari Diwas is highly welcome.

Any kinds of irrelevent word|s or phrase|s sending to political,vulgar,harrasment,dominant,abuse and biasness are strictly prohibited. Each participant will be provided with maximum time of 8 minutes to share their talents. If you have some sort of talents within you and would like to exhibit your talents to other people, then this is an opportunity for you all. On behalf of organizing committee, we would like to request all faculty members and students to join us and actively participate in this event. Interested candidates can register their participation as followings.