The Department of Food Technology at Padmashree College is organizing an educational session and inviting Mr. Padam Sangroula, a Senior Food Technologist. Together with the Nepal Food Technology Students' Association (NEFTSA) from Padmashree College, the session is being organized. The guest talk is scheduled to begin at 8:30 AM on September 16, 2022. The Padmashree Hall will serve as the venue.

The topic of Commercial Beer Production in Nepal would be the focus of the educational session. The session is sure to be very beneficial for the B.Tech (Food) students since Mr. Sangroula is a Brewer Consultant and a Senior Brew Master. They will have the opportunity to learn the intricacies directly from the subject matter expert.

Padam Sangroula is a Senior Technical Consultant with extensive experience who has a track record of working in the food and beverage sector. He holds a Diploma Brewmaster with a focus on Brewing Technology from Scandinavian School of Brewing in Denmark and is a skilled information technology expert.

Padmashree College is well aware that a focus on food technology aims to improve knowledge of the materials and components used in food, as well as how to transform them into safe and wholesome goods for consumers. As a result, Padmashree offers its students a variety of informative seminars and hands-on learning opportunities rather than just teaching from textbooks. Padmashree also has been strengthening collaboration with the national and international government, non-governmental and private institutions.