Padmashree College Intra-college Basketball Tournament 2022

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The sixth semester BIT students at Padmashree College are hosting an intra-college basketball tournament on September 15 and 16. The event is a part of the 3 Co-curriculum Credits (3CC) course, which Padmashree College and Nilai University have developed as a prerequisite for the bachelor's degree.

The Thunderbolt team is in charge of organizing the competition. The Royal Empire Boutique Hotel is sponsoring the event, and the clothing brand Figment Worldwide, which is based in Nepal, is the Team Sponsor of the tournament.

The organizers have decided to split the tournament into Men’s league and Women’s league. Beginning on September 15, 2022, both the men's and women's leagues will be played. The playoffs and championship game are slated for September 16, 2022, following the league games.

Tournament Details

  • Venue: Padmashree College Basketball Court
  • Date: September 15 and 16
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 1000
  • Winning Prize: Rs. 2500

For Booking and Inquiry

  • Swostik Subedi
  • Phone: 9860181912
  • Mail: