Project Wasbang; A Charitable Event to Aid the Underprivileged - Padmashree College

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Giving to a good cause, especially locally, may be a meaningful way to support the individuals and communities that make up our daily lives. People's lives can be significantly improved by even the simplest acts of kindness.

In order to establish a humanitarian initiative to help the children of Wasbang, a Chepang village in Chitwan, six students from Padmashree College banded together for a similar noble purpose. Rijan Tiwari, Kabin Chaulagain, Sugam Thapa, Smriti Bhandari, Salina Shakya, and Ranjan Maharjan are members of the Arms of Hope group and are studying in various semesters of the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) at Padmashree College. The Project Wasbang was envisioned with the goal of reaching the underserved population, in particular the students of Shree Harara Bisauna Primary School (श्री हररा बिसाउन आधारभुत विद्यालय) and Shree Rashtriya Primary School (श्री राष्ट्रिय आधारभुत विद्यालय).

Both the schools are located in Lothar, a very remote area in the Chitwan district, where most of the locals are from the Chepang community, a marginalized community in Nepal. Wasbang village is located 47 kilometers from Benighat and 152 kilometers west of Kathmandu. The community is very isolated from basic communication, transportation, and educational services even though it is not that far from the reasonably developed areas.

Among the many issues that schools face is a lack of electricity, leaking roofs, collapsing walls, a lack of water, functional toilets, inadequate classroom facilities and equipment, and a shortage of teaching resources including textbooks and standard stationery. Similarly, the teachers are forced to perform their responsibilities in very demanding environments.

The school's kids' meager efforts and aid may have a positive effect on the kids. The charitable endeavor intends to give the students clothing (sweatshirts, slacks, woolen hats), stationery, first-aid kits, textbooks, sporting goods, and other requirements. Helping underprivileged Chepang youngsters and bringing smiles on their faces is the main objective of the event.

The distribution of the donated items will take place over a one-day session at the school. Mini-sports competitions will also be held to keep them entertained and motivated. The event will subsequently come to a close with an awareness session on education, sanitation, and health emergencies.