Faculties and Staff Retreat to Rejuvenate the Team - Padmashree College

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Enterprises that are forward-thinking have always benefited from seizing the chance to bring personnel together in novel settings. Retreats provide a means to bring together various organizational departments and are a great technique to motivate staff members.  The team members of an organization can gather together at a staff retreat, which is an engaging and intriguing approach to do so. an approach to team building and creating a highly unified culture within an organization. 

In a related vein, Padmashree College management has scheduled a Faculty and Staff Retreat program for Mangsir 24, Saturday. It is intended to hold the retreat at Kushadevi, Panauti, and Kavrepalanchowk. Only 42 kilometers separate Kathmandu and the lovely, green valley of Kushadevi. This quaint little nook is likely to provide anyone who visits some reinvigoration and just life away from the rush and bustle of the metropolis. The retreat will sooth the staff and bring them closer to nature.

In order to encourage employee unity and produce fresh ideas for the upcoming year, the institution's staff retreat program is a crucial component of its overall strategy. The productivity and cohesion of the workforce, in the opinion of Padmashree College, depend greatly on this.

The academic year 2022-2023, Padmashree College hopes, will be one of development, change, and opportunity. Padmashree is fortunate to have a talented group of academics and professionals that are committed to providing excellent education and service.