BHM Students' Industrial Exposure Visit for Winery and Vineyard Observation

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Padmashree College is organizing an Industrial Exposure Visit for the students of BABHM fourth semester at Pataleban Vineyard Resort on August 25, 2022, Thursday.  The field visit will incur the vineyard and winery observations.

The Pataleban Resort is surrounded by lush hills and vineyards, making it the ideal location for field visit for BHM students. In order to observe the service and gain firsthand knowledge, the students will also spend the night at the resort.

Students of fourth semester are requested to officially affirm their participation in the field visit by filling out the form below. 

Padmashree College regularly organizes these very insightful industrial exposures and visits. The college believes that the visits are useful educational tools for transforming learning experience beyond traditional experience. hence, as a part of blending learning the colleges regularly organizes these trips for the students which enhances their practical knowledge which is also a part of their continous assessment.

Fill the form for confirmation: Confirmation Form


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