Counseling and Guidance

A full-fledged counseling department at Padmashree helps our students to face with the variety of challenges during and after college life. Through the professional counselors, our students attend counseling sessions regularly and as on when required in the relevant areas as followings,

Academic Counseling: It begins from pre admission counseling and goes until graduation from the university.  It helps students to choose right subject, to excel in their academic performance and to graduate from the university as per designed graduation pathway. 

Career Counseling: It helps students to make appropriate decisions on their further career (join right job, go for further studies, be an entrepreneur or what is suitable to her/his career)

Personal Counseling: Padmashree hires certified professional psychosocial counselors to assist students who are struggling with personal issues like mental health, anxiety, depression etc and they provide appropriate advices to them.