The four-year B.Tech. Food Technology program at Tribhuvan University's Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) is now accepting applications for 2080.

The entire admissions procedure is done online. Students must submit their entrance applications online through the Institute of Science and Technology website at Tribhuvan University. The application period begins on Bhadra 13 and ends on Ashoj 8 in the year 2080.  

Important dates and details

  1. Rs 1525 for an online application form
  2. Ashoj 8, 2080 is the deadline for submitting the Entrance Application form together with the standard cost.
  3. Ashoj 12, 2080 is the deadline for submitting the form (with a double cost).
  4. Wednesday at 12 PM, Ashoj 17, 2080, is the day of the entrance examination.
  5. The schedule and locations of the entrance exam will be announced later.


Currently, We Padmashree College offer B.Tech Food Technology programs in Nepal with affiliation from Tribhuvan University. To get admission in B.Tech Food Technology students must appear and pass the entrance examination held by TU, IOST.   View the official notice below.